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Searching for the missing piece…

Entries for August 8th, 2008

I can’t view my own website!

Yes, indeed. I wasn’t able to view my website for how many weeks. Every time I check it it says “Problem loading” in Firefox. And the funny part is… my friends can view my site. How come? So, I tried to check my site in the internet cafe and walla! I can access it. 
It was [...]

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Moon River

Moon River is such a nice piece, my dad really likes listening to it. He wants me to play that to him but unfortunately I don’t how to  play the piano. I tried to play once but I got the first two lines only and then gave up.
I told my dad that it’s not my passion. Thankfully, he [...]

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Dad is back!

A week ago, daddy was hospitalized due to ischemic stroke. He was confined for about 7 days. Dad cannot move his left side, they called it hemiplegia.
I can still recall the first day that dad was in hospital. He was so restless, his BP flactuates from 160/100 to 180/100. He can hardly talk, his speech [...]

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