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Entries for August 11th, 2008

Pachelbel Canon in Guitar!

Totally awesome guy, playing pachelbel in guitar. It rocks! I remember pachelbel canon in the movie “Sassy Girl”. It was played while the actor was visiting her girlfriend at their school. Well, witness this cool play!

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Can’t view my website again

Silly computer, I dunno why ritzchelle.com can’t be viewed in my own PC but can be viewed in other computers. Hays, its hard for me to update my blog everday. I need to go to internet cafe to make it updated. Darn it, could someone help me? I think, its not the pc but the [...]

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ER Duty is over!

2 weeks of  duty in Emergency Room is enough to make a student nurse exhausted, especially if there is plenty of admission and that happens throughout my duty. From pedia to geriatrics, all ages were present. Different kinds of complaints, from the very simple to complex diseases. Accidents is not an exemption to that… blood [...]

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5 Signs That You’re Out of This World!

Ever get that “Hey! I don’t belong on this planet feeling?” Flex those three-fingered hands of yours and scroll down this checklist to see if you’ve got galactic blood in you!
1. You have large eyes. Very large eyes. And I don’t mean anime-cute eyes orange kittens. In the animal kingdom, only kookaburras are allowed to [...]

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