5 Signs That You’re Out of This World!

by ritz ~ August 11th, 2008. Filed under: Jokes.

Ever get that “Hey! I don’t belong on this planet feeling?” Flex those three-fingered hands of yours and scroll down this checklist to see if you’ve got galactic blood in you!

1. You have large eyes. Very large eyes. And I don’t mean anime-cute eyes orange kittens. In the animal kingdom, only kookaburras are allowed to have such large blinkers.

2. You put electronic devices on the blink. You’re worse than a mobile phone sending off those annoying “dut-dut-durut-dut” signals. The radio starts screeching static, and the TV starts going all electric-snowy every time you enter the room. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

3. You have horns!Lol. Or antlers. Or anything growing out of your head that isn’t hair. And no matter what your dad tells you about having it handy as a coat hanger or key chain holder, you’re the only one has it. Plus, who wants to walk around school with a cool hanging from their head?

4. You find saucers quite fascinating. Especially ones that fly. In fact, you’re out of your window, followed by the shriek of your very angry mother. You love to play Frisbee all the time and have a funny feeling you know what it feels like to actually ride one.

5. You can read people’s minds. Aliens do have superior intelligence, so apart from acing all those primitive elementary quizzes, you can actually listen in an people’s thoughts and even predict what they’ll say next. A pretty cool talent to have when you’re squabbling your siblings.


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