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Dad is back!

Friday, August 8, 2008 12:19
Posted in category Family

A week ago, daddy was hospitalized due to ischemic stroke. He was confined for about 7 days. Dad cannot move his left side, they called it hemiplegia.

I can still recall the first day that dad was in hospital. He was so restless, his BP flactuates from 160/100 to 180/100. He can hardly talk, his speech was very slurred… could not understand it. But as the days goes by… slowly by slowly dad was showing progress. The day after,  he could speak a little clearer until the 3rd day, he was able to express what he wants and I was able to understand him.

Yesterday, dad just got home and I’m very happy about it. Dad is recovering fast, and he is actively participitating in his daily activities except he can’t walk. Please help me pray for my dad’s full recovery, may God heal him completely… walk independently. Pls pray for him… his name is Abraham.

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