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ER Duty is over!

Monday, August 11, 2008 7:15
Posted in category Blogging

2 weeks of  duty in Emergency Room is enough to make a student nurse exhausted, especially if there is plenty of admission and that happens throughout my duty. From pedia to geriatrics, all ages were present. Different kinds of complaints, from the very simple to complex diseases. Accidents is not an exemption to that… blood all over their bodies, family and friends were crying. Witnessing every emotions were such a heartache.

Physicians and nurses were trying their very best to save a life. Even doing the ambu bagging was all we can do to save a life who can’t afford to pa Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Till, their last breath, we, nurses where there giving our full support and care.

ER experience was totally hilarious… but within those weeks, I’ve learned many things and its hard to say one by one here… ER exposure was very challenging, indeed, it was totally tiresome.


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