Power of StumbleUpon

by ritz ~ August 24th, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized.

A friend of mine in the internet introduced  stumbleUpon and stumble exchange program to me.

Just yesterday, I wrote the SilverFall Earth Awakening and discovered it to StumbleUpon and submit to StumbleUdon. Minutes after, I was shocked when my traffic counter became 630 from 160. “Wow! That was awesome!” I thought StumbleUpon is some sort of spam or something but I’m telling you… you can drive traffic with the help of StumbleUpon.

“For maximum results, the URL must be new to StumbleUpon.
Which means: it was “discovered” within the last few hours and has not received any stumbles.
A fresh URL with 20 stumbles will perform better than an old URL with 50 stumbles.” as stated in their site.

This will not go on unless your article is good enough to fellow stumblers! For more info just visit their site.

So, wanna try it out? Here are my StumbleUdon invitation link. You can earn immediately free stumbles when you sign up using these links: If  that url’s does’t work leave a comment here and I will post a new invitation link url for you.



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