I can’t view my own website!

by ritz ~ August 8th, 2008. Filed under: Blogging.

Yes, indeed. I wasn’t able to view my website for how many weeks. Every time I check it it says “Problem loading” in Firefox. And the funny part is… my friends can view my site. How come? So, I tried to check my site in the internet cafe and walla! I can access it. 

It was a headache for me…so I decided to look for the solution. And luckily I found this forum that solved my problem. What I did was to open my local area connection, click the “support tab” the click the repair button. Next, unplugged your modem for 30 seconds [98%] effective.

These steps solved my big but small problem. If you’re having the same problem us mine then follow the above instruction or visit this site for more details.

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