Pink Iphone


Pink Iphone is such a nice cellphone and what made it nice is the COLOR! Perfect for people who are “Pink addict”. Look for the nearest store that customizes the color of your phone. It cost around $145-$219. It’s really awesome to have a pink iphone. Everybody will ask you “Where did you get that?” Especially the ladies, they will keep asking you. And then, they will get your cellphone and borrow it. Well, many girls love pink! ^_^ including me.

Other sites: Ezekun, Ezegamer.

Popularity: 100% [?]

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14 Responses to “Pink Iphone”

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  3. lubna trabelsi says:

    the most beautiful (Mobile) I seen in my life … I want Buy like it soon

  4. Rebecca D says:

    when does this fabulus phone cum out?????? cool website btw xxxxx

  5. Rebecca D says:

    thus is sooooooooo cool … when does it cum out?????xxx

  6. ritz says:

    its already out in the market…

  7. Julie says:

    well if it costs so much then y do they make it i mean its like a pure waste of $! U could by an iPod with the same $!!!!! Guys, get a life! i luv pink 2 but this is just a WASTE!!!!

  8. Julie says:

    THIS ROX!!!! :-)

  9. elly says:

    the phone is amazing i got it last week for my birthday- BEST PHONE OF OUR TIME!! 10/10

  10. lill says:

    can you buy it in a apple store
    couse I LOVE!!!! THIS PHONE

  11. Kayt says:

    No it is not in stores.
    you have to buy the regular Iphone 3g, and send it into a store to have it customized for you.
    i hope i get this phone for christmas :) .
    heres a site:

  12. pippa says:

    were can you buy the pink iphone nd is it 3G?

  13. Taylor Meik 12 says:

    i relly want this theres this website to get one for free ill put the link below

    thats where i saww it first i hope uu like itt o and yess ima 12 yrs old

  14. Tina says:


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