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Silverfall Earth Awakening

Saturday, August 23, 2008 5:59
Posted in category Games

It’s time to play another role-playing game: Silver Fall Earth Awakening! But before that be sure that you are qualified with the following hardware requirements: Operating systems Windows XP/Vista Processor 2GHz with 512MB RAM Graphics card: 3D, 128 MB, Direct X 9.0c compatible (Nvidia FX 5200, ATI 9500 or better) Hard Disk space DVD-ROM drive: 2X Soundcard: Direct X 9 compatible.

There are six characters/races in the game namely the Elves, Trolls, Dwarves, Lizard men Goblins and the humans. Every character has their very own unique skills. Players can customized or create weapons and equipments or exchange it to other players when you are in multiplayer game mode.

Silver game original-addict-players can drift their character into Silver Earth Awakening. Using their weapons/equipments they had already gained. But of course, new players can start playing with a new fresh character.

So? Gather your 8 friends coz Silver Earth Awakening allows you to play together up to eight players in multiplayer mode or fight  together using the internet or via LAN.

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