It’s Olympic season again. Athletes from around the world will be meeting up to see who the best of the best really are! They’ll be competing in tests of strength, speed, and stamina in events such as weightlifting, running, and swimming, all designed to exhibit amazing capabilities of the human body. But are those events any fun? Maybe if you’re the one competing, but what about the rest of us spectator-types? Have you ever sat through a 20-kilometer marathon on TV? Not exactly the most exciting of events, is it?  How about creating another game to make us all jolly? Here are the games that the kzone introduced.

EXREME IRONING! This isn’t exactly a new sport. In fact, we don’t even know if it could be considered a sport! In extreme ironing, people take irons and ironing boards to remote, dangerous places like the side of cliffs, mountaintops, and even under the seal. Officially started in Leicester, England, in the summer of 1997, this extreme sport has its own band of follower, and can be straight-up fun to watch. Contestants are judged by the creativity and danger level of the location, the degree of difficulty in getting an iron and board there, and of course, how wrinkle-free their clothes are afterwards.

TRASH CAN COVER LUGE. You’ve seen lugers hurtling down half-pipes of ice, rocketing along at speeds reaching 80mph on a small board made of wood or some fancy material with only a thin, skin-tight suit to protect them from the elements. What a about a luge event on a slick, wet surface so places without snow can enjoy this activity too? And the luge itself? None other than the lowly trash can cover! The round shape makes it perfect for people to sit in, and the smooth surface would slide across the wet course like a clown on a banana peel. You could have technological advancements like Teflon on the cover surface, and lugers could be sponsored by companies like Rubbermaid and Orocan.

THREE-LEGGED 100-METER DASH! Anyone can run a hundred meters. A good number of people can do it in record time. But can anyone do it with one leg tied to another person’s? They’d have to  for this event. This would be the ultimate team sport, since the two members of each running team would have to be completely sync with each other in order to keep from falling flat their faces. A real challenge, and a definite crowd-pleaser.

PIE-THROWING CONTEST. A contest of strength and accuracy, the pie-throwing event will involve players throwing cream pies at targets of varying distances. They’ll be given a short distance to start, and will have to step back and throw farther after each round as contestants are eliminated. They can be judged according to distances and accuracy of throw, and how much of the cream pie actually hits the target.

CONCENTRATION WEIGHTLIFTING. It’s easy to lift weight when you’re totally focuses. But what if someone was intentionally trying to break your focus? That’s when it become hard and fun! In this event, the lifter will have to lift his or her set weight while one or more people do their darndest to distract the contestant. Elimination rounds will allow using of funny faces and gestures, while later rounds will include tools like tickling feathers and criminally funny jokes. To add to the popularity of this event, famous rubber-faced comedians like Jim Carey and Bayani Agbayani can be tapped as celebrity guest distractors! Lol