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Entries for September, 2008

iphone 3G stress test!

We know that iphone 3G is very popular today. Many people wants to buy there own iphone 3G and try it for themselves. Anyway, before buying a unit you must know what are the features of the phone and its durability. Here is a video showing how durable iphone 3G is… Watch the video and [...]

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Apple - iPod touch

Want to download million of songs? Thousands of movies? How about hundred of games? The new ipod touch have made it possible to achieve those wants!

ipod’s new design is even better in your hand thanks to the stunningly thin, contoured enclosure made of polished stainless steel. This new ipod has a  built-in speaker that lets [...]

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Google Chrome Browser

To all google fans and loyalist! Good news because Google has launched their new browser called “Google Chrome” Browser. Internet explorer, mozilla and safari has new rival! Google has become powerful in the world of internet and I’m sure google will stand infront for a long time. And for us, another browser to choice… I’m [...]

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Double Picture Illusion

I found this cool picture while I was stumbling..  and let me share this to you if you haven’t found this yet.

Look carefuly at this picture, what do you see?
After you make your decision, scroll down for an explanation.
You saw a couple in an intimate love position, right?
Interestingly, research has shown that young children cannot [...]

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iphone 3G silicone case: color series

It’s nice to make your iphone 3G colorful! So, add color to your iphone 3G with these silicone cases:


 Which one do you like? Green?Yellow?Blue?Pink? Golden yellow?Orange? Well, choose your favorite color!

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Playing games is part of my life. Any games will do, it could either be a game from nintendo, PSP or  Xbox 360. I love to play! It  brings joy to my day! Anyway, I want to play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed soon. I haven’t try to play this one, but I already played [...]

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Resident Evil 5 photos

Resident Evil 5

Chris Redfield


Chris fighting with enemies]

Will be released on March 12, 2009 in Japan, and March 13, 2009 in North America and Europe.

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