by ritz ~ September 28th, 2008. Filed under: Culture.

Every year our city celebrates the victory of St. Michael against satan (this is according to catholic believers). This celebration has been part of the people living in Iligan City. Usually they will have a “street dancing” were some of the  contestant from other places will join and dance in the street with the heat of the sun!

Yesterday, September 27, 2008… they conducted the street dancing and I was watching it up to the last contestant. It was so hot back then and there were too many people watching the street dancing. Believe it or not I was on the top of the car just to watch this girl. I was attracted to her  especially to her costume (the picture above). As you can see, She has a  unique costume, right? I have never seen a dress like this before and it really fits for her. Well, she’s really happy wearing her costume and carrying that carving of  St.Michael.

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  1. Raquel

    From Iligan City ka pala sis, I am from CDO…malapit lang pala tau. I’ll be going home soon, I hope I can meet new friends especially bloggers.

    I like fiesta celebrations kase maraming baboy na kinakatay at lilitsonin.

  2. Raquel

    Sis, kita kits tau pag-uwi ko pero sa February pa ata.

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