Infinite Undiscovery

by ritz ~ September 2nd, 2008. Filed under: Games.

Another action role-playing game published by Square Enix exlusively for Xbox 360. An action based battle system allows up to 4 characters that can be on the field at once is used. Players will be drawn into a real-time world woven of countless threads where their choices will spin untold discoveries.

Characters are very awesome!


Capell. A flute player that is mistaken for Sigmund the Liberator and is imprisoned by the Order of Chains. Lacking the qualities of a hero, even his captors doubt his identity. Although he wants to remain uninvolved in the turbulent events surrounding him, it seems fate has something planned for this reluctant hero. Capell is a Glyphbare, a person who lacks a symbol most humans have on their bodies.

Sigmund. The Liberator for whom Capell is mistaken, the trailer suggests he is something of a role model to Capell (”When you find something to believe in, fight for it”). He is the only one capable of destroying the chains that bind the moon and is willing to do anything to unshackle it.

Edward. A cool headed man who wields a large sword. He is the same age as Capell and Sigmund and is a loyal follower of the latter. Though normally cool-headed, his anger can get the best of him and he is growing jealous of Sigmund’s trust in Capell.

Rico. One of the young spell-casting twins, one male and one female. He is a beast tamer.

Rucha. She is the female child of the young spell-casting twins. She is a summoner.

Michelle. A seductive looking woman who uses books to cast spells and is a healer. She appears to know Capell, and may possibly be his sister, judging by Japanese dialogue from the site. She usually moves at her own pace and comes across as a bit of a bimbo. She is a big fan of tea and always has a kettle and cup ready. Her Japanese name is Mirche. (see more.)

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