Learn Some Manners

by ritz ~ September 17th, 2008. Filed under: Cool Ways to Try.

Learn some of the important manners that we should apply…

Ladies and Gentlemen

In introducing someone to somebody, remember the simplest rule: THE WOMAN’S NAME IS MENTIONED FIRST. Example: ‘Princess, I’d like you to meet Hans or, ‘Princess, this is Hans.’ Once you know this by heart, it will easy for you to remember that the name of older and more important person is mentioned first. Say: ‘Mr. Q, may I present to you my girlfriend, Sharon.’

A gentlemen stands up to meet a lady, whether she is older or younger,

A lady does not have to stand up to be introduced to a man unless he is older or enjoys a higher rank. She does not have to stand up for a younger person or someone her age.

A gentlemen waits for a lady to offer her hand for a shake.

Guys, when you are walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street with a girl, walk on the side near the street or go to the side where the cars are coming. And remember to stand up in the bus, jeepney, or wherever to offer your seat to a lady. That’s expected of you. However, girls, don’t make a big fuss if the guys don’t. If you’re one of the audience (watching a presentation, show, or attending a seminar):

1. Be attentive even when bored.

2. Do not leave the room or hall in the middle of a speech or performance unless you want to make it look like a walkout.

3. Avoid talking, even whispers.

4. Applaud politely or enthusiastically and keep the critique for later.

to be continued…

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