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Macbook Air

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One of my wish is to have a macbook air laptop of my own. I always wanted to have this kind of laptop which is slim and very light. I can carry this everywhere I want… to school, to beach, to parties, to hangouts and to everywhere! Wew! I really want to have this laptop with an aluminum case. So elegant and attractive.

Macbookair laptop by apple. The CPU is an Intel Core 2 Duo chip. It measures an unprecedented 0.16 inches and its maximum height of 0.76 inches! Macbook air is the thinnest laptop ever!

Learn Some Manners III

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I hope you read the Learn Some manners I, II . Now here is the last part of the manner!

The most important of all: Table Manners. Check out some of the do’s and don’ts in table manners…

Pick up the napkin with your left hand. Unfold and place it gently on your lap. If you find that one of your untensils is, for some reasons, not well polished or has some leftover food particle clinging to it, simply ask your waiter to replace it instead of trying to wipe it with your napkin.  If you don’t know what you’re eating, DON’T BE TOO SHY TO ASK. You are not expected to know everything. If you don’t like what you’re eating, don’t be shy to split it out but do it inconspicuously. As much as possible, keep your plate neat and tidy and try not to leave food on your plate.

Carry your food to your mouth. Don’t bend you head. If you have to tilt the soup bowl, to get more soup into your spoon, tilt the bowl away from you. If you are eating steak or you have a big slice to meet on your plate, cut the meat as you eat, not wholesale. Cut, eat, cut, eat. Don’t cut pieces piled up wholesale on your plate; it doesn’t look good. Don’t eat from your neighbor’s plate. If you want to try his food, ask for a small piece and put it on your plate or a spare one.

DO NOT BURP! If you just did, say ‘Excuse me.’

DO NOT FART! Excuse yourself from the table and do it elsewhere. Although it is permissible these days to use a toothpick, cover your mouth with your hand when you do. Never pick your teeth with your fingers in oublic. Go to the restroom to do it privately. DO NOT FLOSS IN PUBLIC! :)

Learn Some Manner II

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Teenage years. Normally, guys invite the girls they fancy to go out for a date at the disco. Are you ready for this? Perhaps not. Calm down your nerves. Here are some tips for you.

Guys. Wear a shirt with a collar, whether it’s short or long-sleeved. Slacks are better than jeans. No-nos include sneakers, rubber shoes and sandals. The way to go is comfortable dress shoes. Leave the baseball cap in the baseball field, please.

Girls. It is simpler to say what not to wear. No rubber shoes, no shorts, no T-shirts. Do wear whatever is in style, as long as you can get away with it, in it, anything from tthe little black dress to jeans and a tank top. Flat shoes or pumps with one-inch heels are okay for dancing. Unless you’re real expert, stiletoos could hurt you, and not only your feet.

Your secret weapon: Use a good deodorant or anti-perspirant. But avoid strong perfumes.

On the dance floor, don’t take up too much room. If you don’t dance well, keep your steps simple. If you’re an expert, don’t be too eager to show off. Avoid marathon dancing to prevent exhaustion or getting your clothes soaked in sweat while you try to catch you breath. Tryno to keep looking at other people. While dancing, restrain the urge to strike up a conversation. This isn’t the time to share your thoughts about life.

to be continued…

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Learn Some Manners

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Learn some of the important manners that we should apply…

Ladies and Gentlemen

In introducing someone to somebody, remember the simplest rule: THE WOMAN’S NAME IS MENTIONED FIRST. Example: ‘Princess, I’d like you to meet Hans or, ‘Princess, this is Hans.’ Once you know this by heart, it will easy for you to remember that the name of older and more important person is mentioned first. Say: ‘Mr. Q, may I present to you my girlfriend, Sharon.’

A gentlemen stands up to meet a lady, whether she is older or younger,

A lady does not have to stand up to be introduced to a man unless he is older or enjoys a higher rank. She does not have to stand up for a younger person or someone her age.

A gentlemen waits for a lady to offer her hand for a shake.

Guys, when you are walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street with a girl, walk on the side near the street or go to the side where the cars are coming. And remember to stand up in the bus, jeepney, or wherever to offer your seat to a lady. That’s expected of you. However, girls, don’t make a big fuss if the guys don’t. If you’re one of the audience (watching a presentation, show, or attending a seminar):

1. Be attentive even when bored.

2. Do not leave the room or hall in the middle of a speech or performance unless you want to make it look like a walkout.

3. Avoid talking, even whispers.

4. Applaud politely or enthusiastically and keep the critique for later.

to be continued…

iphone 3G stress test!

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We know that iphone 3G is very popular today. Many people wants to buy there own iphone 3G and try it for themselves. Anyway, before buying a unit you must know what are the features of the phone and its durability. Here is a video showing how durable iphone 3G is… Watch the video and know the iphone 3G.

Apple - iPod touch

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Want to download million of songs? Thousands of movies? How about hundred of games? The new ipod touch have made it possible to achieve those wants!

ipod’s new design is even better in your hand thanks to the stunningly thin, contoured enclosure made of polished stainless steel. This new ipod has a  built-in speaker that lets you hear the music, dialogue, and action without headphones, perfect for casual listening.Volume buttons are built into the left side of iPod touch, giving you easy access to the most frequently used controls.

What’s good about this new ipod from apple is you can keep on rocking (and watching and playing) even longer. Improved battery life means iPod touch provides up to 36 hours of audio playback or 6 hours of video playback — enough to watch three or four movies between charges.

Think you can only play poor graphics in ipod? Well, ipod touch games and applications are nothing short of amazing. And the App Store is where you’ll find them all.

The world’s best developers are taking advantage of groundbreaking technology, including Multi-Touch, the accelerometer, real-time 3D graphics, and 3D positional sound, to create games and applications made especially for iPod touch. So whether you’re a gamer or into something else — chatting, social networking, news, sports, finance — there’s bound to be something just for you.

In addition, iPod touch includes built-in Nike + iPod support Just slip the Nike + iPod Sensor (available separately) into your Nike+ shoe and start your run. The sensor communicates wirelessly with your iPod touch, tracking your time, distance, and calories burned. It even gives you voice feedback on your progress

Google Chrome Browser

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To all google fans and loyalist! Good news because Google has launched their new browser called “Google Chrome” Browser. Internet explorer, mozilla and safari has new rival! Google has become powerful in the world of internet and I’m sure google will stand infront for a long time. And for us, another browser to choice… I’m kinda tired of using mozilla and internet explorer… I should try Google Chrome sometime now.

Well, google really is wise. They already dominate the search engine and now they are going to compete with microsoft! So, if you want to download their new browser, better do it as soon as possible and compare it with the other browsers!