Yey! I got PR 2!

Sat, Sep 27, 2008


While I was in the jeepney yesterday, my sister texted me that my brother’s site got PR 2. At first, it was hard to believe because my bro and I were not expecting a PR with his 1 month old blog. I replied to my sister “What about me, did I get something from google?” To my surprise my sis said “you got PR2 too!”. I don’t know how I felt that time but All I know was… I was so HAPPY!!!! has already a PR! Weeeeeee… Thank you google! You made my wish come true! And hey! my other blog also got PR 1! I’m so blessed today…

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6 Responses to “Yey! I got PR 2!”

  1. iCalvyn Says:

    congrad! you have PR2 already…PR 3 is just behind you… haha

    find more back link, and submit your blog to more directory… you will get higher PR soon :)

    i am still hardwork building link :)

  2. Raquel Says:

    Congratulations sis, I’m happy for you. Good luck and more opportunities to come. ;)

  3. Mark Says:

    Congratz to you.. i wish i can get rank soon too… (~_^)

  4. I Am Downloader Says:

    congrats! ka-lvl mo na sina Jehz at

    Is Sarah your older sis?

  5. deejames Says:

    wow.. congrats sayo! keep on rockin`

  6. ralph Says:

    i stopped blogging for about a few months now..but i still got pr 3 lol

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