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Long distance phone service

Thursday, October 9, 2008 11:43
Posted in category Services

My sister Bernadette has been living in Hollywood,Florida for about 5 years.  And our medium of communication is through internet specifically, the yahoo messenger but she often call us through the phone because she spends a lot of her time away from home doing her hospital work.

One week ago, I asked my sister if she was spending too much money calling here at our place. As expected she said “Yes”. So, what I did was to search for a phone service which is cheap and reliable. Luckily, I found Spectrotel long distance phone service. They have low rates on international calls which is really what I’m looking for and they also offer plans.

Spectrotel service offer reliable connections, high quality service and best care to their customers.  Nice huh! Maybe I will give this a try .  So, if you are  looking for long distance phone service,  why not try it too? Better check their site now!

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