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The huge umbrella saves the day!

Thursday, October 9, 2008 15:11
Posted in category Journal

Immediately after my research exam, my best friends and I decided to go to Jollibee and eat some spaghetti, burger, fresh fries and some cold cold coke! That’s our usual order. While we were talking and eating, we did not notice that it was already raining hard and we don’t have umbrellas. So, we stayed there for a while waiting for the rain to sto

p. Unfortunately, it did not stop. We could not wait any longer because we still have class tomorrow at 7am. We went outside the fast food and watched the rain pouring very very hard. Suddenly, a kid appeared to us carrying a huge umbrella saying ” 6 pesos, the three of you”. At first, we did not get what he meant. What he was trying to say was we are going to pay 6 pesos for using his big umbrella! We don’t have a choice but to give 6 pesos to the kid and use the enormous umbrella! What was the funny part was everyone was looking at us! Lol! With the huge umbrella who would not laugh? Hahahaha… Anyway, what matter is we were not wet! Thanks to the UMBRELLA!

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