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Sunday, October 5, 2008 21:55
Posted in category Journal

Hi there! My beloved online friends and  visitors, how are you doing? How’s your life? I hope you all are doing great. It will be my happiness if I will hear from you doing good. If you ask me, I’m bloody fine! I’ve been busy lately because finals is fast approaching. And you know, nursing course is not easy. You need to memorize the terms or be familiar with the diseases.
How I wish that nursing course is the same with mathematics, where you don’t need to memorize it! Anyway, I will be on duty this 3pm-11pm at MSH-hospital. I will be dealing with different kinds of patient again… kind, strict, poor and rich.

Well, I guess this week will be a busy week for me.  But eventhough I’m busy, I will never miss a day to visit you… *Hugs and kisses* All of you, take care… and GODBLESS your day!

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