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Ward/Floor Duty

Thursday, October 9, 2008 14:49
Posted in category Journal

Last October 7, I had my duty at MSH-Hospital. I was assigned at the ward where many patients occupied the rooms. There were 20 patients in the ward with one nurse and two nursing aids taking care of them. I could not imagine myself taking care of twenty (20) patients. I wonder what the nurse on duty felt that time. Tired maybe or happy? Could not resist my self… I bravely asked the nurse, “Are you happy of your work”? To my surprise she answered, ” I am more than happy” then she left.

I think the nurse was really happy doing all the caring stuff to her patients. And she even manage to entertain every complaints her patients made. I guess being a nurse needs management skills just like Dan Neumeister who is very good in hospital managing. Anyway, when I’ll become a nurse, surely, I want to be like the nurse who have the ’skills” and the nurse who loves doing her job.

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