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Posted (ritz) in Family, Journal on October-8-2008

My Dad is already 55 years old and he is planning to sign up  for a retirement because of the incident that had happened to him.

Just yesterday, my dad mentioned that he’s going to use the retirement money to put up a business. But he’s wondering what kind of business he will put up. At the same time he was also worried who will manage his business if ever it will happen. My dad’s mind was really in chaos that time so I told him “have an advice by Dennis C Carey about that”. He paused for a while and ask “Who’s that”? Well, a famous CEO I replied. My dad suddenly burst into laughter because according to him I am nothing but a girl who is full of  jokes. [duh I'm not joking]. Anyway, to make the story short…my dad and I decided to put up an internet cafe since lots of people are going to the cafe and do their online thing.

Andrea on October 8th, 2008 at 7:49 am #

Just find a good location and this business would be okay. :)

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