Avril Lavigne from A to Z

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A- Awards. She’s been nominated for a ton and has won so many that we can’t fit them all here! She was the golden girl at the 2005 Juno awards (Canada’s top music awards), winning Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year and the Fan choice Awards! Canada just loves their girl – in 2003 she bagged Junos for her debut album, Let Go.

B – Bonez. “My world tour was called that because I thought at the time… because, it’s Under My Skin”. Avril loves skull and crossbones art, especially on her clothes. (But I dunno if she likes it until now! *lol)

C- Charity. Even with her crazy schedule, Avril does her share to make the world a better place. She supports the Keep a Child Alive organization, which helps provide medicine for children with the deadly disease AIDS.

D- Drums. Outspoken and with a mind of her own, we all know Avril marches to the beat of her own drum. And now she can rock out the drum for real! She’s taken lessons and has shown off her cool new skills on stage!

E- Excellence. Not a bad thing strive for – and Avril does. As she tells, “Whenever I write a song, I know exactly how I want it to be. And if that means I have to take it to a second producer if the first one doesn’t get it right, then I will.” (k-zone)

F – Fashion. Avril’s gone from ties to tutus over the years, but there’s one thing that’s a style must for this rocker girl! -black!

G – Guitar is one the things that meant something for her. The one thing she can’t live without!

H- Hockey. She may not be much of a “sk8er” girl on the sidewalk but just wait till she gets on the ice “I played hockey growing up in Canada,” she told Who magazine. “I played with the boys on the guys team.”

J- JunkFood. While a huge plate of fries and a bag of chips would make most of us happy. Avril says junk food makes her cranky. “Lots of.. junk food all the time, it makes you very irritated,” she explained Is that why her first album sounded so angry?

K- Kid’s choice. That’s what Avril is. She won Favorite Female Singer at Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards!

L- Lunch. Wanna chow down with Avril? You may have to fork over a hefty fee.

M- Moody. As in, Ben Moody not her personality. The ex-Evanescence lead guitarist helped Avril write her hit song, “Nobody’s Home”. Of Ben she says, “Ben’s my boy. He’s such an amazing friend.” They even got matching tattoos together (the star on her left wrist) – Avril’s first!

N- Nickname. In high school, she went by Abbey, which is her dad’s nickname for her.

O- Ops! Everyone has a major oops moment once in a while- even our rocker princess. During one of her concerts, Avril completely forgot the second verse of her hit, “Complicated”! “I look at [my guitarist] and said right in the mic, ‘I forgot the words.’ Everyone laughed.” Hmmm, maybe the song was a little too complicated?

P- Pranks. Ashton Kutcher, watch out, this girl’s not a bad Punk’d-ster herself. She enjoys pulling the occasional prank on her band mates and family, like when she filled a bucket with ice and water and poured it on her sleeping drummer.

Q- Question she hates. Doing hundreds of interviews can get tiring for anyone. Avril’s not a big fan of answering the same old questions every time, but the one that gets her peeved is about what its been like for her, being a huge success. “It’s like, I cant sum it all up!” she explains.

R- Record breaker. Her hit song “Complicated” stayed in the number one spot in the charts for 11 weeks, beating the 10 week record previously held by Queen of Pop, Madonna!

S- Sharpie. Avril uses black markers for manicure emergencies!

T- Tea. The only back stage must-have for all her performances.

U- Under My Skin. Avril’s album!

V- Vegan. A former sugar addict, Avril has switched to a healthier vegan diet -  she eats mostly plant-based food and tries to stay away from any food that comes from animals, even milk, eggs and honey. Still, she has her junk food moments. “I definitely pig out sometimes! It’s important, you’ve gotta live a little,” she told the Chicago Sun-Herald.

W- Wizard of Oz. The first movie Avril remembers watching, she revealed to VH1. “After I watched it, I was always like ‘Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! I used to skip around saying that and saying, ‘There’s no place like home.” She even has the Dorothy outfit, complete with sparkly “ruby” red shoes.

X- Xpressive (^_^). It’s hard to be as outspoken as our girl,Avril. She’s had some sharp words for fellow young pop stars Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears and Hillary Duff, criticizing their music and personality. She does have some sugar to go with that spice: she says about Jessica Simpson, “I like her. I’m a total fan. If I wanted to look like anyone, I’d want to look liker her.”

Y- Your way. Wanna give Avril a make over? Now you can do it virtually at! Dress her up, change her style.

Z – Zodiac Sign. Avril’s a Libra (her birthday’s September 27). According to one astrological website, Avril’s birth date suggests a girl with boundless imagination – one who won’t easily accept a traditional, ‘normal’ or humdrum existence.” (k-zone)

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