Eating is my hobby! Lol

by ritz ~ November 16th, 2008. Filed under: Journal.

As usual, sunday is the day for my review class. Since, I’m a good girl, I attended the review of course but only in the morning! Hahaha. Cutting classes! Cutting classes! Yip! I often do cutting classes, especially if I’m so hungry! *Laughs* I usually eat at Jollibee if I do cutting classes. My usual orders are BURGER, FRENCH FRIES & COKE (B1 GO LARGE!). Hays, I dunno why I love eating these stuff! They are not nutritious foods… you can only get calorie out of it!

Well, well… I don’t care if it’s not nutritious as long as it satisfies my hunger! Go! go! go! JOLLIBEE! Ops! I forgot to mention that I’m not fat, okay? I love eating but I don’t gain weight out of it because my metabolism is fast!

3 Responses to Eating is my hobby! Lol

  1. jech

    hmm did you bought that fries from jollibee iligan?

  2. Downloader | Freebies and Stuffs for ALL!

    murag sa McDo man yata na niya gipalit Jech… haha

  3. ritz

    oo sa mcdo na downloader

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