I’m back!

by ritz ~ November 10th, 2008. Filed under: Journal.

Huhuhu.. I did not post anything yesterday. I was so busy… very busy. Actually, I just came home from the 12-hr duty in the hospital. I haven’t sleep yet… my eyes are so sleepy ammp! But before I go to sleep let me share what I have experienced in the public hospital.

It was my first time to be assigned in a public hospital. A government hospital. I did not expect that public hospitals are that congested and not clean. I dunno if the principle of sterility is still there. You know what? The floor and wall were so dirty. Cats were roaming around and patients were sleeping outside the room because the hospital can no longer provide them a bed. Imagine, that’s how crowded the hospital was. Hopefully, those patients will be given a good care and medications.

There’s so many things that I would like to tell but I’m very sleepy. So, chao for now!

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  1. jech

    Good to see you again :( have we seen? lol! anyways I have friendly script ritz that can view photos on friendster just for fun

  2. suedonim

    it’s sad to learn that some govt hospitals are very unsanitary. it’s actually scary. i wonder where our taxes go…

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