Land Rover Freelander

by ritz ~ November 28th, 2008. Filed under: Vehicles.

What do you think of this car? Cool or not? For me, I think this car is excellent. The design, the seat capacity, and the color is just perfect. This car is called Land Rover Freelander TD4 HSE.

Land Rover Freelander TD4 HSE easily passes under that 225g/km limit in 2.2 TD4 guise! This car will be the best car to use when you want to travel is slopy place. I have posted before about this car and this one of my dream car. Would love to have this car and go wherever I want!

I know, you want to own a Freelander car too. Who would not? Freelander cars would be great for big families like us who loves to go to city. How I wish my dad will give me this Land Rover Freelander as gift for my graduation day! Lol. I think that’s impossible. My dad could not afford to buy such car! Maybe in the future, I can buy this car.

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