Looking for a car? Choose Freelander!

by ritz ~ November 23rd, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized, Vehicles.

Looking for a car to ride your kids at school? A great car, maybe? How about owning a Land  Hover Freelander? Nowadays, people can’t leave without a car because by all means, car is a very important thing to have. Imagine yourself without a car? It’s like punishing yourself! You cannot go easily anywhere you want. We cannot deny the fact, that having a car would be more convenient in our lives.

My dad bought a car last year but not a Freelander ! He bought a custom van. The car is not capable of an on and off road unlike Freelander. LandRover Freelander have new features: A Hill Descent Control, a Terrain Response, which tailors the front torque split and a Gradient Release Control which releases brake pressure. Freelander also have a hill-start assistance system which maintains brake pressure for a few seconds between the release of the handbrake and the sensing of powered movement. This car is really what I want! The capabilities of this car suits to travel in a steepy slopes. Having this kind would be my great pleasure!

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