Love or Money? Choose Love as Your Priority.

by ritz ~ November 28th, 2008. Filed under: Cool Ways to Try.

Generally, marriages are based on love. Still, the issue of money between two married people cannot be ignored. “Establish the rules at home that money is only secondary and that love reigns supreme. Don’t allow money to get in the way of your relationship. Rejoice over sufficient resources, while making the lack of it an occasion for deeper bonding they encourage”.

  • Make a full disclosure of your earnings. Avoid keeping any money or hidden wealth a secret. Part of a happy marriage is the trust you put in each other. “The secret of being close is to be open. Realize that earning money is good, but earning respect is better.”
  • Allocate – and stick -  to a budget. Prepare a family budget after a thorough discussion of expected income and expenses. “If there are grown-up children, involve them in the budget preparation.”
  • Decide who keeps the purse. Whoever is better at financial management should go for it. “Any bank accounts you keep must be a joint account with and/or signatures.”
  • Talk objectively about finances. Conversations about money should be edifying and affirming, rather than “auditing” and faultfinding.

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