My 48-hr duty

by ritz ~ November 11th, 2008. Filed under: Journal.

At last, my exhausting 48-hour duty is over. With all those sleepless nights, finally, it’s done. Goodbye to infected (hepa B) mothers and babies. Farewell to those unsterile floors, walls, instruments and all. Sayonara to the strict staff and unapproachable midwives! Chao to you!

Hays, I’m really happy that my duty in City Hospital is over. I really don’t like to have my duty there… but there’s nothing I can do. That’s my schedule. Anyway, how are you doing? Hows your day everyone? Same as mine? or relaxing as having a vacation? Good if your having a good time and bad if your being brutalized! ^_^

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  1. emperatris

    :) well gud luck on your last year, is it not? and also to ur review… hope u pass! Nursing’s not the most ‘glam’ of professions but hey– it’s up to us to glam it up! RN-Future EMT too here…

  2. friendz

    hi! your blog is very interesting :)

  3. marly

    whoa! 48 hrs of duty? my! i would faint with that.

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