New clipper cutting DVD

by ritz ~ November 7th, 2008. Filed under: Cool Ways to Try.

It’s been one year since the last time I had a hair cut. My hair is now too long and no style at all. My hair is just plain straight. My mom always asked me to have a haircut but I don’t want to because I believe my hair looks good on me, but I was wrong. One of my friend told me that I should get a haircut because my long hair makes me look thinner. I guess, she was right. I do look thin with my hair. Anyway, I was looking for a haircutting videos to choose what style fits for me. While I was searching for videos I found this hair cutting style with the use of a clipper at Their clipper cutting techniques were awesome because your hair has really a neat cut. Actually, you can buy their new clipper cutting DVD. You may watch a sample of their video.

Hair Cutting Techniques

Fade Haircut |   Buzz Cuts

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