Same Blood Line

by ritz ~ November 5th, 2008. Filed under: Family.

Hey yah! This is my first time to introduce my beloved brother and big sisters. Since, this blog is a personal blog… I have the right to post some personal stuff, right? Let me first introduce my big sister Joy (wearing the maroon dress). She is a nurse, a renal nurse. She is already a 23-year old single girl. Sarah, the one wearing the black dress. She is a 22 year-old single mom. She has a young son named Ezekiel. Isaiah, my silly brother, an Electrical Engineering student. He is studying in MSU (Mindanao State University). You may visit him at, and sai-zone. Lastly, that’s me on the right-most wearing the violet dress. Well, I’m a 19 year-old nursing student. Hoping to graduate this March. Hehehe… So, there you go! They are my beautiful siblings!

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  1. jech

    wew quindo family.

  2. jech

    I’m ok ritz,. unsa YM nimo

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