That’s what you get when you…

by ritz ~ November 19th, 2008. Filed under: Journal.

sleep an hour before the exam.

It was 5pm when I decided to take a nap on my bed because my exam is still at 6pm. I don’t know what happened but I fall asleep and woke up at 6:05 pm. My mind was empty when I got up from my bed. It was like I had an amnesia but my brain was telling me that there is something that I should do. After 30 seconds, I finally gathered my missing thoughts and remembered that I have an exam to take.

I immediately put my uniform and comb my hair. It was raining hard and my white uniform was splashed with mud. I don’t pay much attention to it. To take the exam preoccupied my mind. Finally, I arrived my destination. I looked for my classmates but they were not around. I guess, they are now taking the exam in the classroom. I checked every rooms hoping to find them… and luckily, they were there sitting with their test papers on their table. I went inside the room and everybody was staring at me because it was 6:50 already. The proctor asked me that I should answer the exam within 1 hr. It was a 160-item exam. I answered each questions briefly. I think 25 seconds every question. But hey! I managed to answer all the questions within 1 hr. I don’t know if my answers were right. Hopefully, I’ll pass the exam.

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  1. Braylen Patrick

    If you’re just starting out, I recommend using the exam. My bed should be geared to longer term trading. Let the exam with it because we can spend 1 hr doing something else more profitable.

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