Who is/are your favorite CAREBEAR/S?

by ritz ~ November 4th, 2008. Filed under: Anime, Blogging, Journal.

In the 1980’s the Care Bears became a hit with kids all over the world. No one could resist their fell-good charm! Count me in! I do love care bears and I want to share some of my favorite care bears and the meaning of their symbols.

Love-a-Lot Bear

Two joined hearts. Love is in the air when this sweetie’s around. She’s just tickled pink when people are in love and loving! Love-a-Lot Bear has the power to create crushes so she’s the perfect gift for your special someone.

Wishing Bear

Wishing star. She may be the shy and quiet, but Wish Bear is always busy granting the desires of your heart. She’ll remind you that wishing is fun and there’s power in believing.

Cheer Bear

Rainbow. Ever seen stripes in the sky after the rain? They can sure perk us up and make us feel more hopeful about life. That’s the magic of the rainbow- and of Cheer Bear. Like a real cheerleader, she’ll even dance to an upbeat rah-rah-rah to keep you going!

Laugh-a-Lot Bear

Smiling star. Jokes! Tricks! Games! He can tickle your funny bone anytime and remind you that a sense of humor can make any dark day better, any hard heart softer.

Well, there you go. Those were my fave care bears? How about who are you favorite bears?

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