Bombing in Iligan City

Last year, Iligan City, my hometown was so peaceful even if  there many muslims are living in this place but this year 2008 Iligan City was in Chaos. I don’t know but since our new Congressman sit in his thrown, Iligan City has never been peaceful as it before. There are lots of bombing threats already. If I am not mistaken, it was around August when the first bombing happened. And last Dec 18, 2 bombs explode on the 2 shopping mall namely, Uni City and Jerry’s Shopper’s World. The bomb was placed on the baggage counder and of course, the baggage boy died. There were 45 people injured and 2 died. I don’t really understand what’s happening these days. This is not a fight between muslims and christians already but this is a fight between terrorists and government. Hopefully, Iligan City will obtain his peacefulness again.

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4 Responses to “Bombing in Iligan City”

  1. shlat says:

    oi august 17 tong last.. gubat sa 18.. hehehe.. toinkzzzzzz

  2. ritz says:

    aw august diay! hahha

  3. [...] such as food, disposable tablewares and etc. You know what the city was not crowded because of the bomb threats. Yip! I think people are scared of what might happened next. Anyway, there is one mall that was [...]

  4. jeLai says:

    aug. 17 to..dli q kalimot a2 ky wla q kauli a2 bah..dah hadlok man lge q ug bomba! hahaha!

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