My brother’s blog was HACKED by a Genius Iraqi

December 1st, 2008

First, (my brother’s website)  was hacked by a Turkish hacker but thankfully, the hacker did not totally distorted his blog. The hacker just changed the title and the blog description. My brother managed to return his blog as it was before. But his blog was totally hacked by a genius hacker from Iraqi as claimed. Try to visit his blog. Anyway, his blog hosting was I don’t know what happened to his hosting but I think the hacker was able to penetrate the hosting he uses.

***Look at the picture at the left. That’s how looks like now!


3 Responses to “My brother’s blog was HACKED by a Genius Iraqi”

  1. Downloader Says:

    sad to hear this.. but good to hear now that its ok…

    this was the same hacker who hacked the

    i bet he was able to access your brother’s email account.

  2. shlat Says:

    hadloka oi

  3. johnny Says:

    amP5Y0 Thanks for good post

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