Good Sunday and Shopping

by ritz ~ December 21st, 2008. Filed under: Journal.

I woke up this morning with a sad face because my mom said theat the church service will be held in the house. I was not sad because I can attend the service ( actually I love going to church) but sad because our house was not arranged yet. I mean, the chairs, songs, and food were not prepared yet and it was around 9 am already … one hour before the church service will start.  Anyway, the service ran smoothly  because my brother and big sister were there helping to fix things up and the with God’s help too.

After the service, my big sister requested me to go with her to buy some stuffs in the house such as food, disposable tablewares and etc. You know what the city was not crowded because of the bomb threats. Yip! I think people are scared of what might happened next. Anyway, there is one mall that was flooded with customers and that is GAISANO MALL. I don’t know but people in Gaisano are not scared of bombing! Lol

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