Other therapies and treatments for Cancer

by ritz ~ December 17th, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized.

We know, that one of the leading cause of death in the world is cancer. This is a serious disease that will make your immune system compromised. It destroys your normal functions of your cells.  For example, if you have lung cancer, first cells that would manifest abnormalities of it functions are the cells that composes the lungs. Once this abnormal cells are not treated it will metastasized to other organs such as bones, liver, brain and etc.

Actually, there are no cure for cancer but it can be prevented. One way of preventing this kind of disease is lifestyle and food modification. Avoid over stress, avoid cancinogenic foods, avoid exposure to radiaton and more. If a person has already a cancer, she undergoes Chemotherapy and radiation to slow the progress of the disease. Some people also find alternative cancer therapies such as EFT(emotional freedom techniques), biophotonic light, massage and etc. In this therapies, they find comfort and relaxation without doing harm to the body and immune system.

Cancer patients also undergo counseling because mostly, they are emotionally and physically depressed. Some of them may commit suicide that is why support is a must to them. One thing that you should remember in dealing with cancer patient is treat them the same as before to make them feel that they are still part of the society.

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