Diet Pill

by ritz ~ January 8th, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized.

My classmate is such a big fat lady. She is really conscious about her weight. Especially when my boy classmates tease her by calling her a “pig” lady. I do pity her because almost all the boys tease her but I admire her for being a brave and kind lady in spite of all the trash talk around her. She is really a good lady.

One day, she approached me and shared what she feels. She told me that everytime the boys tease her, her low self-esteem develops again and again. So, I told her to ignore them and told her that there is a guy that would accept for who she is. But then, she told me that she will do exercise, limit her intake and take diet pills.Well, I told her that not bad. It’s okay to that to make her physical look better but then, beauty is not the outside appearance but beauty is what you are inside.

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