IV Troubleshooting

by ritz ~ January 5th, 2009. Filed under: Journal.

Last night, I had my duty at the hospital. My patients condition was acidity in her stomach and hyperventilation syndrome. An Intravenous line was hooked at  30 gtts/min. While I was regulating the drops/min, I noticed that the IV regulator is not functioning well. My C.I told me to keep on watching the rate  of the IV fluids because it might become faster. I did follow what my Clinical Instructor told me, unfortunately around 3 am I fell asleep and guess what happened? The IV bottle was empty already and the fluid was half way between the IV site. That’s what my Clinical Instructor told me when I woked up at 5am. I’m such a negligent student nurse. Hays, I hope it wont happen ever again.

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