Land Rover Freelander

by ritz ~ January 5th, 2009. Filed under: Vehicles.

There are variety of cars sold in the market. You can choose the styles and features you want.

We know that cars are badly needed in each person. Without a car, life would be hard in the road. Let me ask you a question, what  kind of car  you want to own? A Ferrari? Jaguar XKR? Mercedes-Benz? Acura TL? or a BMWL? Well, those cars that I mentioned belongs to luxurious cars.I’m sure they are so expensive. If you ask me what car I want, I won’t choose those luxurious cars rather I will choose Land Rover Freelander. Why? Because their new Freelander looks cool to me and my family will fit in their. Also, Freelander has reduce the carbon emissions in the environment and has improve fuel economy. In short, their new Freelander is environment friendly.

Freelander is what I want, not Mercedes-Benz, not BMWL nor any luxurious cars. Aside from attracting the car nappers, luxurious cars have high tax. That’s why I choose Freelander.

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