2009 Jan 2

Shuttlelift Gantry Cranes

Society is getting higher. Many machines has been invented to make life and work easier and faster. Look around you, all the things you see are high technology. Non-technology things are obselete. Most people uses machines to save time and energy. Even in constructions, lots of machines are used like Cranes.

Cranes  is a lifting machine equipped with a winder, wire ropes or chains and sheaves that can be used both in lifting ower materials and to moving them horizontally. Anyway, have you heard about Shuttlelift?

This is a company that developed Shuttlelift Gantry product line over 20 years ago, enhancing their existing expertise with mobile gantry cranes in the marine industry. Gantry Cranes is one of the premier lines in the materials handling industry today.

Shuttlelift Company has the best Material Handling System. Introducing their ISL Model which is the premier line of Gantry Cranes. This kind of Crane will enable you to be much more efficient in working. ISL Model is engineered with a lifting solution that will solve the most difficult material handling challenge.

What make’s ISL Model brilliant? The capacity can starts at 15 tons and currently goes as high as 150 tons. You can count this on Heavy Duty Construction, Hydraulic System and Steering Control is present. If you want to know more about ISL, then visit shuttlelift.com.

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