My Dream Bedroom

by ritz ~ February 25th, 2009. Filed under: Cool Ways to Try.

I always wanted to have a bedroom like that in the picture. The design and the color is just perfect for my tastes. What I really love about this kind of bedroom is that, you can see what’s happening outside because of the big window. I just love this bedroom and oh! the bed itself is so beautiful and unique. Oh, how I wish I have a bedroom like this. How I wish my dad can build a contemporary bedroom furniture like that. How I wish… There is nothing wrong with wishing, right? Everybody has the right to wish.

I bet this modern bedroom furniture is expensive but who cares? It’s beautiful, anyway. What matters in buying things is the satisfaction. If you are satisfied with it, then you are happy with it, right? Well, I’m wishing again… wishing to have a modern bedroom like this. Anyway, you can look for modern bedroom furniture @

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  2. ta shaun

    that bedroom is hot

  3. shonna

    Is there possible that u could give ,more detail of the room & is there a way I could give u the diameter of my room so u could give me example on how I should do mine?

  4. ritz

    i suggest you go to this site

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