Acoustic Songs

by ritz ~ May 17th, 2009. Filed under: Musics.

Are you fan of listening songs? What kind of songs? Mellow? Classic? Rock? Alternative or Acoustic songs? Well, if you ask me I love listening to Acoustics songs and also to “Classical Music”.

Did you know that music is already part of my life? It has been part of my daily living. Want proof? Well, I could not leave that house without bringing my Mp3 with me. Every time I go to other places, there is always an earphone in my ear. I really don’t know why I love listening music but one thing I know… it makes me feel better. How about you?

Anyway, I have found a site… a “music site” by Drew Blackard. His acoustic songs are so cool. I’ve listen to all  of his music found in his site and I tell you… it’s totally good especially the Brutus Without a Knife. It not hurting my ears.  His songs are wonderfully made. The rhythm is just perfect!

So, if you are like those who love acoustic songs, then you better visit Drew Blackard site: Listen to his unique songs and enjoy the rhythm of his music. I’m sure you will enjoy his songs. Don’t forget to visit his site, okay?

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