Ever Heard of Carbonite?

by ritz ~ May 29th, 2009. Filed under: Services, computers and internet.

You may just twist your mind a bit and start to remember, “hey, i have heard of something that sound like that.”

No sir, no ma’am! This is not one of those fictional superheroes weakness. This isn’t Superman’s Kryptonite. Just because this sounds like Kryptonite, does it mean that Carbonite is another superheroes weakness too.

Well, if we are to be a superhero, this Carbonite will not be our weakness. Let us place this the other way around. Let’s take this as our strength.

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you were looking for files on your computer, then suddenly you remembered that you accidentally deleted it. Or something came up like a sudden surge on the electricity has corrupted your file. Or one day your anti-virus software has not detected this virus that came to your computer and it infected your files, and that you will just delete the files.  Or worst, someday stole your files.

Worry no more about that, i heard about this Carbonite on the web. This Carbonite is your security. It is a small software program that backs up those files that you have missed and you have searched for. It is easier and convenient to use too. Much more is that it is also secured to use because your files will be encrypted. It will only be you who can access and open back your files through it when you recover it online. No other person can touch your files but only you.

Great stuff isn’t it? Now, will Carbonite be a superhero too?

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