Crystal Singing Bowls

June 23rd, 2009

Ever wondered what are these Crystal Singing Bowls? Well, i glanced upon this while i was surfing on the net. I came across this one and some other related products that are related to Tibet and Nepal. As we know that these two countries are nearly “the roof of the world”, why can’t they be? They are located on the regions of mountains, with a lot of monasteries and meditation rituals are a common site to these areas.

Aside from the crystal singing bowls, there are other items as well that are unique items from Tibet and Nepal, such as Stunning Ethnic Sterling Silver Jewelry, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Hand Carved Wood Masks, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Tibetan Herbal Incense, Tingsha Meditation Chimes, Gong Symbols, Bells and Dorjes, Buddhist Prayer Wheels, Mala Prayer Beads, 7 Metal Gongs, Tibetan Meditation Rugs, Brass and Bronze Statues and many other unique handicrafts.

So why did i bother with these Crystal Singing Bowls?

These Singing Bowls were brought to Tibet from India along with the teachings of Lord Buddha. Most people use these bowls for Buddhist spiritual meditation or to create a great art or conversation piece. Hand made in a wonderful combination of 7 different metals which create 7 different distinct tones. According to tradition, the seven metals correspond with each of the planets, gold for the Sun, silver for the Moon, mercury for well, Mercury, copper for Venus, iron for Mars, tin for Jupiter, and lead for Saturn.

Since Tibetan singing bowls have a very mysterious history it is sometimes hard to find information about them, in fact there is literally no mention of them in the Tibetan Buddhist canon. They can be found in both monasteries and homes. Some say that the bowls are used by high lamas in secret rituals, which gives them the ability to travel to different realms and dimensions. In the end one thing remains certain, that singing bowls are a very powerful spiritual tool. In addition to their traditional usage for meditation, Tibetan Singing Bowls are used for Relaxation, Massage, Yoga, Stress Reduction, Healing, and Reiki.

Nice background, right? Grab some Crystal Singing Bowls now!

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