Web Directory, is it important?

July 2nd, 2009

Have you been wondering why there are so many directories in the world wide web? Are they really significant in optimizing your website or blog? Those are my questions before when my friend told me that I should submit my blog to web directories.¬† At first, I really don’t see the importance of it until someone drop a comment on my blog that she happened to find my blog at Yahoo directory . Wow! I was shocked! I didn’t know that I can drive visitors by submitting my site in web directories. That is why, loook at my sidebar. I am a member of many web directories and I find them useful in gaining readers of this blog.

Anyway, web directory is really beneficial since it does not only give you visitors but also back links to your blog which is one of the requirements to have a higher Google Page Rank. I think everyone of us want to have their site a green color, right? See the importance of web diretories? Drive traffic and earn back links plus easy search engine optimation. Yes, directories are mostly a SEO friendly web directory.There are still a lot more benefits of submitting your site to web directories  and the best way to discover those benefits is to submit your website and see the result of it.

And oh! If you are having a hard time looking for web directories here are some directories that you might want to submit your blog:

  1. DMOZ (http://www.dmoz.org)
  2. Yahoo Directory (http://dir.yahoo.com)
  3. Google Directory (http://directory.google.com/)
  4. Jasmine Business (http://www.jasminedirectory.com)
  5. MSN (http://specials.msn.com/

Ooops! I guess if I put all the directories here it will cost a lot of time and I think all of them will not fit with one post! I suggest you search Web Directories at google and yahoo. I bet you will find a lot of them!


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