A Keyless Lock!

August 16th, 2009

Woah! That’s a lock! It is keyless! Nice one huh? A lot of us sometimes forgot the keys to our homes and a way to open it is… sometimes funny. What if we only need our finger? Yes!? Only a finger to do it. Our finger is the key!

See what technology nowadays is doing for us. There are keyless locks present around nowadays. Keyless lock only needs our fingers or fingerprint to open a locked door. This is a great technology to install in our houses. What used to be secure in the old days is now more secure with the keyless lock.  Our old-fashioned key locks which at times we place under the rugs or plants before? Now we just have to program it for our fingertips. You can program it for yourself only, or for other people as well for temporary access.  The keyless lock could not only be limited to you, but you can give access to other people to have a temporary access. Aside from that, you can easily access your locked door in a matter of seconds by just flashing your fingertips on it, time-saver, right?

So? Would you care to try one keyless lock? This is really fantastic! Try one now!


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