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Craving for a Vacation

ritz on Sep-18-2009

Staying at home is boring because you  do routine tasks everyday like wash the dishes, cleaning the room, wiping the window, cleaning the bathroom, eating your meal, fixing your bed, taking a bath and etc. Gosh, I always do that everyday and it is making me sick already. I want to have a vacation. A vacation at Myrtle Beach Resort .

Take a look at the picture above isn’t it cool to have a good time there? I really want to spend my time at any Resort in Myrtle Beach.

Aside from the beach resorts, I also want to stay at Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach. Experiencing the luxury of their hotels… ooh I just can’t imagine.  How I wish I could go there. I really wished to have a vacation at Myrtle. I hope someday that wish will come true. Well, who knows? Maybe next month I’m there already.

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