It hurts!

by ritz ~ September 10th, 2009. Filed under: Medical.

Yes, it hurts to be pierced by a needle.

I just had my last day of IV training and we do the practicum of IV insertion. It was difficult to pierce the vein… you need to have the skills to pierce it one time.

Well, that’s why I’m on training to attain that important skill. We were given a chance to do IV insertion with our partner and vice versa. Duh, it hurts really. Imagine the needle is inside you skin down to your vein. Gosh, it really hurts huh! It was my first time to be pierced by a needle. Grr… don’t want that to happen again. But it’s okay… at least I know now the feeling of being inserted by a needle. Sorry to all my patients whom I will be inserting ^^. Weee… I’ll do my best to lessen the pain ^^ ehehe…

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