Know Your Webhosting provider

It is important to know what are the best web hosting provider before you create a website because the web host is the soul of your website. This is where all the data are saved. Once your web host is attacked by unknown hackers and you have an semi protected web hosting, the hacker can easy penetrate your website. Remember that Wordpress is an open source.

My brother once had a web hosting provider that costs only $15 dollars a year. He was amazed of the cheap web hosting but a year later his website was hacked. He contacted his provider but didn’t solved the problem. He was hacked again and malware was penetrating his website. To his anger he deleted his data. You can check No data anymore.

See the importance of a web hosting provider. Do not be awed by cheap hosting because you are not 100% sure that you are protected from any intruder. Choose a web hosting that is trusted. Read comments, suggestions from other people. Read reviews from trusted site and ask other web master about that web hosting. In that way, you can gain information about that particular web hosting provider. If you want to start reading now, just  click here.

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