Medical Negligence

Medical negligence or Professional Negligence refers omission or commision of an act by a health care provider in which health care provided deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical field that causes injury or death to the patient. This medical negligence is a legal crime that needs fair trial.

The elements of medical negligence therefore are (1) existence of a duty on the part of the person charged due to care under circumstances, (2) failure to meet the standard of due care, (3) the foreseeability of harm resulting from failure to meet the standard, and (4) the fact that the breach of this standard resulted in an injury to the plaintiff.

Common acts of negligence are burns, objects left inside the patient’s body, falls of elderly, confused, unconscious and sedated patients, failure to raise side rails, failure to report observations to attending physicians, mistaken identity, wrong medicine, wrong concentration, wrong route, wrong does, defects in the equipments and more. These things are the most common act of negligence.

Anyway, the health care provider who committed the act shall have a fair trial with  lawyers and New Jersey medical negligence attorneys that will help us fight in the case. This case is a crucial case that is  why we (health care provider)  need to have the best attorney that will help us.

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